Focus  ...  Grounding  ...  Balance

Mara slacklineMara slackline standingNot just for artists and physically fit people, this workshop will offer you the opportunity to have a complete new experience of your mind, body & soul.

This workshop will also help you if you are interested in your bareback riding skills (see also the private lessons for bareback riding and training)

Facilitated by Mara Zimmerli (Slackline artist) and Petra Webstein (Energy Consultant) this afternoon will bring new insights that you will be able to apply to your life, a whole lot of fun and laughter and will leave you with a feeling that so much more is possible in your life.

Cost AU$25.00 / 2 hours  -  Booking is essential.

Please wear comfortable clothes and light sneakers or similar. 

Workshop is held in Mount Helena, WA 6082. Address will be communicated.

If you would like to have your workshop anywhere close to you, please contact us with your suggestions. Minimum people required 10. We also need a park or a property with trees that stand 5 to 15 metres apart and are from 35cm to 60cm in diameter to attach the slackline safely. 

Single lessons are also available and will be held in Mount Helena, WA 6082. 

For schools, we can organise to come to your school and run a workshop there.

For more information, please contact Petra Webstein.

Want to help to spread the word? Please download a flyer for your perusal here.


“Heaven is high and earth wide. If you ride three feet higher above the ground than other men, you will know what that means.” Rudolf C. Binding