People approached the slack lining with a lot of curiosity. They quickly found out that it was not all that difficult to balance on the line. 

The balancing of their energy on this line left them with an experience on how they can get grounded, focused and very clear in a very short time. Will they take that with them into their daily lifes?

Other comments that have been made where that they for the first time became aware of gravity and their whole bodies. They felt that they can take this experience back with them and apply it when they are riding.

As you can see from the pictures, they finished the session with a huge smile and a new found sense of self.

Thank you all for coming and joining us in this creation!

Petra Webstein & Mara Zimmerli


“Your horse is the best teacher. He will shut himself off from you if you listen to teachings other than his. Learn from the horse.” Rudolf G. Binding


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firehorse dancing with my horses